French beaded spring mini wreath kit; enjoy a zoom workshop with those you've not seen in a while.  This kit enables you to hand craft individual flowers to fix to a wicker mini wreath from the comfort of your own home.  


The kit includes:

  • Instruction booklet
  • Mini-wreath base dressed in ribbon
  • Sample stems (1x fern, 1x coral root, 1x celandine, 1x bluebell floret)
  • 2x pre-strung fern wires
  • 2x pre-strung coral root wires
  • 5x pre-strung bluebell wires
  • 4x pre-strung celandine wires
  • 2x pre-cut lilac wires
  • 4x pre-cut gold wires
  • 1x bag of fresh water pearls (2x lilac, 4x ivory)
  • 1x contact form to book your zoom tutorial   


This kit is suitable to enjoy as an adult and child (age 10+) within the same household or as a group in the same or separate households.  

Spring Mini Wreath Kit

SKU: 0055
  • Product is sent as a small parcel.

    This wreath measures: 15cm H X 15cm W (plus ribbons)

    Please remember this is a 3D , handcrafted product and measures will vary slightly.