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In Hope of Summer, made up of beautiful summer blooms.

Created during colder months of homeschooling whilst feeling a longing for brighter, warmer days. Comprised of:

Anemone for anticipation

Pale pink roses for gentle happiness

Scabiousa for pure love and peace

Dark knight Ammi Majus for warmth

Gaura meaning superb

Seaholly for independence

Astilbe meaning I will wait for you

Fern for sincere hope

Eucalyptus for strength

Peony for beauty

Calla Lily for plentiful life

Made up of 41 blooms.

French beaded Bespoke floral art arranged in a vase; hand crafted individual flower stems that designed specifically for this piece. The price listed is the cost of this arrangement.

Created using hundreds of 2mm seed beads, strung on floral wire and finished with floral tape to depict the beauty of the natural bloom.

Please be aware that I have created my own patterns for my designs and although I work from these patterns when producing my flowers each bloom, although very similar, is not identical as it has been made by hand.

In Hope of Summer

SKU: 0075
  • This stem measures: H 54cm X W 49cm

    Please remember this is a 3D , handcrafted product and measures will vary slightly.